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Stop Chasing Work-Life Balance

I remember reading articles and talking to coworkers 15 years ago about having the right “work-life balance.” In a nutshell, the “work-life balance” of yesteryear was rooted in knowing when to stop concentrating on work so that you don’t miss life’s special moments, which kept things in perspective. Some of us did this better than others, but there was always that feeling that I should be the first in the office and the last to leave. Face-time mattered back then.


Still Feeling Like Willy Loman? Here’s How to Prevent Your Death as a Salesperson in a Digital World.

A business contact of mine emailed me recently and asked for my advice: “I’m a 50-something-year-old city president with a bank and I think I’m in trouble,” he said. He went on to explain that the things he has always done to win business were not working anymore. Thousands of hours working his craft to become a crackerjack salesman weren’t doing him any good now.


Saying “Yes” to Re-igniting the Passion for your Business

If we are honest with each other, we can admit there was a time when being a business owner and entrepreneur wasn’t as glamorous as we imagined. While succeeding or failing are two very real options, there is a third lesser known reality. I call it, “business purgatory.” Somewhere between failure and success, it’s the stage in your business lifecycle when you just survive, albeit barely. It’s a stage that the lucky few get to and that the even-luckier break through to achieve real success. There is no telling how long a business stays in this stage and sadly, some never...

Spokesperson Caution

Et tu Jared?.model-s-photo-gallery-10 You may know where this is going.

Lance Armstrong, notorious cheater

Bill Cosby, allegations of rape

OJ Simpson, likely murderer

Mike Tyson, Rapist

Ray Rice, Woman beater

  Shall I go on? I didn’t think so. What do all of them have in common? They were once at the top of their game with sparkling marketing appeal. Brands flocked to them because of their influence and following. For major brand marketers, the drug is real. Sign a...

10 Steps to Building an Impeccable Professional Reputation

As published on Ask any business service provider who is their ideal client, the conversation will nearly always begin with a referral from a trusted source. It is no doubt that getting your phone to ring from someone who already has made the mental decision to work with you is by far the easiest way to build a great practice. But, what can you do to influence this behavior? Below we identified 10 best practices that serve as the foundation for any solid client acquisition process.  

1. Be credible with uncompromising integrity.

Without reputation you have nothing. Building a great reputation means...

The Other Option

I’m a car guy. I can talk about torque curves, powertrain options and debate the intricate differences between the different manufacturers. In fact, I barely know my cousin and couldn’t even tell you where or even if he works. But we have talked cars for hundreds of hours since I was three years old. Sad? Probably.model-s-photo-gallery-10 With this providing context, I thought about what I can do to add value to this current issue on alternative fuels. model-s-photo-gallery-10How about an electric car? Since the Tesla can travel 0-60 mph in four seconds, I thought...

Legacy beyond business

I still remember the night when after the kids were put to bed, my wife and I had a few minutes to regroup and share some moments of the day. We got onto conversation about being a well-rounded person, our faith and our desired legacies for when we are gone. That’s when it hit me. At that time, outside of business activities, I didn’t do anything that was contributing to a better world. In some ways, it made me feel shallow and self- centered. I decided that I would find an organization where I could volunteer my time and treasure to help...

A Business Owner’s Guide to a Stress-Free Summer Vacation

In just a few weeks, kids will be out of school for the summer. Your spouse is already in your ear about making summer plans for the beach, mountains or other family-friendly activity. You nod your head in agreement and it starts to come together. But, you are hesitant. The office doesn’t run as efficiently as you need it to when you are away, and you may not have the perfect mix of staff that will keep projects moving forward. You feel the pressure at home and at the office. If this feels familiar, you have some work to do, and fast. Here...

Disaster sustained, crisis averted

adg fire fullI can’t imagine what it must be like at the precise moment you realize that your years of hard work are gone in an instant. Your livelihood, and those of your employees, have just been taken from you in an unspeakable disaster. Sadly, for many businesses this is how it’s going to end. Unfortunately, Advantage Design Group’s Catherine Swingle had just those thoughts, after her Friday morning routine was interrupted with a call that her office was on fire, completely engulfed, and a total loss. She pulled up in...

For the Love of Ray, Please Stop the Carpet Bomb E-newsletters

By Brian Barquilla Ray Tomlinson is credited with receiving the first email that was ever sent, in 1971. What did this world-changing message say? We may never know because it’s recipient cannot recall. Tomlinson is on record as saying. “They were entirely forgettable and I therefore, deleted them.” I’m choking in the irony. While email is still a valuable tool, its abuse by me-too marketers has poisoned the pool for the rest of us. There was a time when a blast email worked relatively well. If you earned a 25 percent open rate, you could have taken rest of the day off. This marketing...

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