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Still Feeling Like Willy Loman? Here’s How to Prevent Your Death as a Salesperson in a Digital World.

A business contact of mine emailed me recently and asked for my advice: “I’m a 50-something-year-old city president with a bank and I think I’m in trouble,” he said. He went on to explain that the things he has always done to win business were not working anymore. Thousands of hours working his craft to become a crackerjack salesman weren’t doing him any good now.


The Other Option

I’m a car guy. I can talk about torque curves, powertrain options and debate the intricate differences between the different manufacturers. In fact, I barely know my cousin and couldn’t even tell you where or even if he works. But we have talked cars for hundreds of hours since I was three years old. Sad? Probably.model-s-photo-gallery-10 With this providing context, I thought about what I can do to add value to this current issue on alternative fuels. model-s-photo-gallery-10How about an electric car? Since the Tesla can travel 0-60 mph in four seconds, I thought...

Legacy beyond business

I still remember the night when after the kids were put to bed, my wife and I had a few minutes to regroup and share some moments of the day. We got onto conversation about being a well-rounded person, our faith and our desired legacies for when we are gone. That’s when it hit me. At that time, outside of business activities, I didn’t do anything that was contributing to a better world. In some ways, it made me feel shallow and self- centered. I decided that I would find an organization where I could volunteer my time and treasure to help...