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Saying “Yes” to Re-igniting the Passion for your Business

If we are honest with each other, we can admit there was a time when being a business owner and entrepreneur wasn’t as glamorous as we imagined.

While succeeding or failing are two very real options, there is a third lesser known reality. I call it, “business purgatory.”

Somewhere between failure and success, it’s the stage in your business lifecycle when you just survive, albeit barely. It’s a stage that the lucky few get to and that the even-luckier break through to achieve real success. There is no telling how long a business stays in this stage and sadly, some never escape.

This no-man’s land stage of the business lifecycle can be exhausting. The euphoria of a being a startup has faded and the evolution of the business might be taking much longer than anticipated.

model-s-photo-gallery-10A sure-fire way to re-ignite your passion and give you the needed emotional energy you need is to talk to other aspiring entrepreneurs or students who are behind you on the business-learning curve of success. Speak to any groups that fit into this category.

Helping others on their journey will feel great, but the real benefit is to you. Standing at the top of a room is empowering and as you tell your story of almost-success you will remind yourself how far you have come.

As you recount the decisions, both good and bad, you will realize that the great decisions far outweigh the poor ones. As you keep talking you will start to realize, “I know what I am doing and I know where I am going.”

The questions you will get will likely sound very elementary to you and answers will come almost instantly without much thought. As your confidence builds you will start to regain some of that swagger you had when you started your business.

That feeling of anticipation that served as your initial motivation will begin to come back. You will remind yourself that your best days are in front of you.

Speaking to groups like these is empowering and therapeutic for the soul. Metaphorically speaking, it’s like pouring gasoline on an open flame. It reminds you why you do-what- you- do.

So, when the opportunity presents itself, say, “Yes.” You will be making the world a better place and supercharging yourself at the same time.