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Happy anniversary time

5-year-anniversarya>This issue marks an achievement for Rose Conry, the latest winner of the JAX Chamber’s Small Business Leader of the Year. It also marks our fifth year of publishing.

Some talented individuals and I launched a media outlet (Advantage Business Magazine) that combined the proven power of print with a solid online strategy. Not satisfied to stop there, we have since produced more than 50 LIVE events that educate, inspire and enable others to be the best they can be.

We did it because it’s fun; rewarding and we had a passion to help business owners achieve their dreams.


A Change in the Windows Scenery

Isn’t it interesting how some industry heavyweights can force us into change? I’m not suggesting this is necessarily a bad thing, just that the power they have to alter how nearly all of us do business is quite intriguing. There are many examples of this, but I’m talking about Microsoft and the new Windows 8-8.1 release. If you haven’t seen it, the release is vastly different from what you have come to expect from Windows. It seems we are in an awkward time in the evolution of technology where we are somewhere between the traditional keyboard/mouse and true touchscreens. In fact,...

What is your legacy?

Unfortunately, I was called out of town recently to visit a family member who has terminal cancer. When the end was near and it was time to say goodbye, it trumped anything I had going on in my business life.

To get a few minutes distraction from tense family matters, I went to a local donut shop to take advantage of the Wi-Fi and hot coffee. When I arrived, the place was busy with mostly retirees. It was a social scene where politics, health, and weather filled the conversation.


The Price of Compassion

Cortello Team PicThere was a heartwarming occurrence that happened recently at Cortello Salon in Jacksonville Beach. It was just a normal day at the salon until a woman walked in, unsettled, weary, and sobbing. She was facing cancer for the third time and her hair was falling out from the treatment. She had decided that, instead of allowing cancer to slowly take away her femininity, she was going to take as much control as she could. She was going to shave her hair off.

Now, I’m not in the salon business, of course, and I don’t know how often this comes up, but it did strike me as a bit insensitive that multiple salons would turn her away or charge $50-$75 to do this. I’m fully aware of the costs of doing business, but at some point, can’t we put that aside and just cut someone a break?


Mentor Magic

The phone rings.

Me: Hello? This is Brian.

Tony: Brian, this is Tony(not his real name). Let’s do lunch this Wednesday. I have some things I want to talk to you about.

Me: Okay. See you then.