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A Change in the Windows Scenery

Isn’t it interesting how some industry heavyweights can force us into change? I’m not suggesting this is necessarily a bad thing, just that the power they have to alter how nearly all of us do business is quite intriguing. There are many examples of this, but I’m talking about Microsoft and the new Windows 8-8.1 release.

If you haven’t seen it, the release is vastly different from what you have come to expect from Windows. It seems we are in an awkward time in the evolution of technology where we are somewhere between the traditional keyboard/mouse and true touchscreens. In fact, the entire Windows 8 platform is designed to work entirely as a touchscreen. Whether you think this is awkward or not, your single opinion means little. This new operating system is here and most of us will be using it.

For now you can still have your traditional keyboard, but those days are clearly numbered. Imagine a day when there is no actual screen or keyboard. Instead, there may be just a collection of holograms that you can move around with a swipe of your arm. Think Tony Stark in the Ironman movies. This technology is closer than you might think.

We recently partnered with Microsoft to learn more about how we can apply this new technology to solve long-standing business challenges. This LIVE event went so well we decided to add another session. See page XX for your official invitation. Whether you get trained with us or go it alone, new technology is here.
So, with major changes come unforeseen opportunities. Here is a chance to leverage these new advances before your competition.

Until next time,

Brian Barquilla