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Out Source Marketing 2

The Competitive Advantage

– Getting Results
Advantage B2B consulting + marketing is a team of experts ready to go to work for you. Our unique system supports the small business owner through a variety of marketing services. The multi-faceted approach is accomplished by offering consulting services to creating annual lead generating marketing plans, budgets and calendars. We assist business owners with media buys, print advertising, digital advertising and social media. Here, at Advantage B2B we help the small business owner identify their unique selling point, leading into activities that create solid positioning, branding or re-branding in the market place. We provide education, training and coaching by producing professional development seminars, bringing online communication that delivers instant answers, and of course, publishing a world class magazine
Our team of industry experts has dozens of years of experience working in and with small businesses. In our experience small business owners often forget about a marketing plan or their current plan is no longer working for them. The custom-designed solutions we create are never the same, but the end goal always is – have a positive effect on the business owner’s bottom line.